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The symptoms of dyslexia, developmental coordination disorder (DCD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can overlap. Common problems include difficulties with


- postural control

- balance

- bilateral integration

- spatial skills

- sequencing 

- listening skills

- attention

- concentration

- organisation

- short term memory

- speech and articulation problems

- mixed laterality


These symptoms can also be experienced by children with problems with learning, behaviour and emotions with no specific diagnosis. 







Postural control is vital to academic learning

Additonal indications that NMI may be a factor are


- problems with reading, writing or spelling

- maths problems

- difficulty learning to swim or ride a bike

- difficulty sitting still

- motion sickness

- speech or articulation problems

- difficulty telling the time from a traditional clock


Neuromotor Immaturity (NMI) is often an underlying common denominator in children experiencing these difficulties.  Please complete the questionnaire if your child is experiencing one or more of these symptoms.

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