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Better movers and thinkers?

Developing the physical ability to control your head and body is a vital pre-requisite to effective functioning in the playground, classroom and at sport. Unless our children have confidence in moving their bodies they may well further opt out of the very activities which would best help them to fulfil their potential. It is important that initially the child is successful in their movements and that progress is made from that level rather than attempting to impose higher skills onto an insecure base.

Ideally, all children aged eight would participate in a daily specific movement programme at school, designed to enable them all to progress through the necessary motor development stages. The INPP School Intervention Programme has been implemented in several schools with successful results being presented at the recent INPP conference in London. ( )

The Better Movers and Thinkers programme which has been introduced into the Curriculum for Excellence for Scottish schools is also based on the relationship between physical ability and control of cognitive function and develops these key skills through PE lessons. ( )

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