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psychology and INPP textbooks

Professional Development


I am committed to deepening my understanding of child development through supervision, training and peer discussion. My research interests lie in the interactions between psychology, education, child development and neuroscience.

Personal experience


As a parent of children with specific learning difficulties I know how hard it is to watch a child struggling with aspects of learning and life which seem to be effortless for others. Coping strategies and other relevant information are included as part of my programme

Sheila Crerar M.A.(Hons),
Dip. Psych, MBpsS


Based near Edinburgh, I provide real help to children, parents and schools by discovering the physical factors which can underlie learning problems and emotional and behavioural difficulties and taking action to address them.  



 Master of Arts (Honours),  University of Edinburgh

 Diploma in Psychology (Conversion for Postgraduates)

 Institute of Neurophysiological Psychology Practitioner  (INPP)

 Bilateral Integration

 Johansen IAS

 Member of the British Psychological Society

I look forward to talking to you and discovering more about you and your family so that, together, we will start making life better.  Click on the questionnaire to see if I can help.

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