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Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation


 Children with difficulties with speech, language, reading and writing, often have inefficient auditory processing (listening)  skills which may contribute to problems with language processing and the way in which children perceive (or hear) sounds  and words.


 Johansen IAS is an auditory stimulation programme which uses specifically designed and individually customised music to  stimulate the neural pathways associated with language.  From around three years of age, Johansen IAS can benefit people  experiencing a range of speech and/or language difficulties, both spoken and written (including specific learning  difficulties and dyslexia).


 These might include difficulties with one or more of the following:


 - pronouncing speech sounds correctly

 - understanding of language

 - speaking

 - listening

 - written language (dyslexia)

 - reading

 - spelling

 - awareness of speech sounds

 - dyspraxia (DCD)

 - Autism Spectrum Disorders

 - understanding and remembering information and instructions

 - concentration

 - self confidence and self esteem

 - behaviour related to poor communication 

 - hypersensitivity to loud or particular noises


When the underlying skills for listening and learning are improved through listening to Johansen IAS CDs, language processing abilities improve. As incoming information is processed more efficiently attention, concentration, listening and understanding of language are enhanced. Often, improvements in reading and spelling also occur, as decoding the sound structure of words becomes easier.

 Assessment includes

 - checklists to gather background information

 - a listening audiogram, if appropriate

 - formal and informal tests to explore the individual’s profile of strengths and difficulties


Before assessment, Johansen IAS will be discussed and explained.  Johansen IAS is a home-based sound therapy programme which  involves daily listening to customised music CDs for 10 to 15 minutes through over-the-ear headphones. Often people choose to listen at bedtime when they are relaxed so their daytime activities are not interrupted. 


Reviews are carried out every 4 to 10 weeks (depending on age), progress is discussed and a new listening audiogram is taken. A new customised CD will be made according to the individual needs of the listener. The programme usually lasts around 8 to 12 months.



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