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What happens next?

The following steps are used to identify whether your child would benefit from an intervention programme.  If you want any further information, please contact me.




The questionnaire provides a basic developmental history and an indication of the current situation. This helps me to establish whether I will be able to help. 


Initial Consultation 


This will last around an hour and adds detail to the information already received from the questionnaire. This session is free of charge. 


Full Assessment 


The full personal assessment last for around two and a half hours and establishes an important baseline for


 - Movement, balance and posture

 - Coordination (both gross and fine motor ability)

 - Eye movements and visual skills

 - Developmental tests


If appropriate, an audiogram will also be completed to assess listening ability across different frequencies.


Some educational tests and checklists will be done to confirm if an intervention programme is required.  At the end of the full assessment a personal movement or listening programme will be introduced. A written report will be provided following the assessment at no additional charge.  An additional educational report can also be written for a fee.





At a review I check what progress has been made and how the programme has been going, answering any questions and changing the programme as required.  They last approximately one hour and happen every 6- 8 weeks until the end of your programme. Programme length does vary but an average programme will last for around a year.


Final assessment 


Three months after the completion of your programme a final assessment will be carried out to check that progress made is being maintained.


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