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Individual movement and listening programmes which make a real difference to life and learning.


What I do

I help people who are experiencing difficulties as a result of neuro-motor immaturity or auditory processing difficulties.


Using the INPP method and bilateral integration techniques, I discover and address the physical issues which often underlie learning difficulties at school, anxiety and emotional difficulties and behavioural problems. 

Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation can reduce many speech and language difficulties.   
Who do I help?
Children and adolescents with reading, writing and spelling difficulties (including dyslexia); dyspraxia (DCD); maths problems; poor co-ordination and balance; attention deficit disorder; anxiety and emotional sensitivity; auditory processing and speech, language and communication problems
Discover the real you, through movement and listening
Be successful - overcome learning difficulties
How it works
After screening and assessment, a specific and personal movement programme allows for measurable and lasting improvements in posture, balance and coordination.  


This creates the stable physical platform which people need for the effective integration of all sensory information and releases cognitive resources from the sub-conscious management of motor control to attention and learning, improving hand-eye coordination and sports performance and reducing any anxiety associated with instability. 




"Sheila was the first person to explain clearly why my daughter has had these problems with her learning and social relationships. So many things make sense now and we are working together to make it better." 


" I felt that we had fallen through the gaps and no-one could help. Then I met Sheila."


Parent of girl, 16

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